Frequently Asked Questions

What is WePlanr?

WePlanr is a one-of-its-kind combined wedding marketplace and planning platform that connects wedding professionals and businesses with Australian couples who are looking to plan their weddings in the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

What makes WePlanr unique?

Not only is WePlanr the first service designed specifically to help Australian couples get married in the Philippines, it’s also the first-ever combined wedding planning and marketplace platform! Get inspired with our mood boards, browse options, and find the perfect industry experts to help you create your dream day. Then, we give you all the tools you need to keep things organised. Forget about sifting through emails, desperately trying to remember where you had that conversation, and coming up with elaborate spreadsheets and systems to try and keep track of everything. Automated budget tracking, easy in-platform communication, calendars, reminders, and quotes and invoices are all right there in your dashboard.

Why plan your wedding with WePlanr?

Nothing ruins the excitement of getting married like being stressed. We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and complicated, even more so when you’ve decided on a destination wedding.

We believe every step of your wedding can and should be stress-free. That’s why we built this platform: to provide a simple, easy platform for you to get inspired, connect with friendly industry experts in the Philippines, and easily manage every detail of your tasks. Using WePlanr makes everything from research and decision making to booking and organising easy and enjoyable.

What does it cost?

Joining WePlanr is absolutely free to join for couples, however, prices for the venues, goods, and services are set by the businesses themselves. Each couple also receives complimentary access to our X Concierge Package. With the X Concierge Package, you will receive unlimited virtual wedding planning assistance and advice through our dedicated Slack Channel. If you’d like extra assistance, we have paid options that provide greater support.

What is the milestone payment schedule and why is it in place?

Our standardised payment schedule is designed to make budgeting and planning easier for both you and the businesses, as well as provide some level of protection to all parties involved.


To make a booking, 40% of the total cost is required upfront. The remaining 60% is due 6 weeks prior to delivery of the goods or services. 30% of the total fee is securely held until 5 business days after your goods or services are delivered – in most cases this is after your wedding day, but in some cases such as photography and videography, this can be up to 12 weeks after. If there are any issues, you can raise a dispute at any time up until the funds are released (5 days after delivery).

What’s included in the different concierge options?

We’re here to make your wedding planning experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We also understand that some people want to be more or less involved than others. That’s why we have three levels of concierge service on offer.

  • The Rose Service. The Rose Service provides you with unlimited access to our dedicated Slack channel where you can ask us all the wedding-related questions that pop into your head. Questions about the weather, the easiest way to get to a particular island, even the easiest way to get a marriage license in the Philippines – don’t ask Google. Ask us!
  • The Lily Service. Perfect if you want a little more hands-on assistance. The Lily Service includes complete virtual wedding planning and coordination. Your assigned expert can create itineraries, book vehicles, provide you with personalised recommendations of who to see and book, and complete ad-hoc tasks as needed.
  • The Orchid Service. If you prefer to have a dedicated project manager present through the whole process, as well as someone that’s present on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly, the Orchid Service is for you. Includes all the virtual planning assistance offered in the Lily Service, and in-person planning and coordination on the day. Your personal concierge can help you manage the timeline, meet with suppliers, finalise the run sheet for the day (including bump-in and styling), and any other ad-hoc tasks that arise.



What if we don’t like the suggested venues/businesses?

Venues, businesses, and industry experts are suggested to you based on your quiz results. You’re welcome to retake the quiz as many times as you like. Changing your preferences will show you a different selection of industry experts who, based on your selected venue, will be able to provide you with all the goods and services you need.

How far in advance should we book?

As a general rule, the earlier the better. You wouldn’t want to find your dream venue, only to find that someone booked your date before you! Our Organisr tool helps you focus on one thing at a time, and not worry about missing any key dates or deadlines. You can also view your tasks either on a Timeline view or a Category view.

Can we book someone that’s not on WePlanr?

Absolutely! You can manually input custom tasks and costings into your Organisr, so you can still see what’s been done and where your budget stands. If you think that the business would be a great fit for WePlanr, invite them to join and we’ll waive their registration fees!

What happens if the business cancels?

You may be entitled to a full refund if something happens and the business can no longer fulfil their booking. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.

What if the wedding isn't going ahead?

Payments are non-refundable, however, if the wedding cannot go ahead, the business may choose to provide you with a full or partial refund, depending on the circumstances. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.

What can we do if we change our mind on a business we’ve booked, or are not satisfied with the service we’ve received so far?

There are cases where you may be eligible for a refund. However, we highly recommend you get to know and find out as much as possible about the people and services you’re dealing with before making a booking as booking fees are generally non-refundable.  Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.

Something didn’t go as planned on the day, what do we do?

If something went wrong on the day, or if any goods or services were not satisfactory, you have 5 business days from the date of delivery to raise a dispute. You and the business will have the opportunity to settle the dispute amongst yourselves first. If no satisfactory resolution can be found within 30 days, the dispute will go through a 4 step mediation process that facilitates communication and comes up with recommendations for a satisfactory solution for all parties involved. Depending on the outcome of the dispute, the portion of your payments held in escrow (30%)  may be returned.

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